Streamlining the search for preschool substitute teachers

streamlining the search for preschool substitute teachers 


Our inratio app is:


Puts the power to remain in-ratio back where it belongs - in the hands of preschool administrators.


24/7 access allows administrators and teachers to better control and plan their schedules – no more old-school waiting for an agency to call.


Our substitutes are fully vetted and arrive ready to get to work.


About Us

We are Preschool education INDUSTRY experts

With more than 20 years in preschool education behind us, we truly understand the unique challenges every preschool administrator faces in the search for qualified substitute teachers. Frustration with an antiquated system filled with lengthy security checks, countless phone calls and costly middlemen, drove us to create a streamlined process that let’s you find and hire a substitute in only a few clicks, taking seconds.

 Whether you need someone the same day or in two weeks, for short or long term, inRatio is here to help make you search easier.



years in childcare

We know the challenges you face and are here to help.




Use our app to generate requests anytime and from anywhere—it’s always available.




To quash your staff problems.


About the app

(currently in development)

inRatio uses technology to connect preschool administrators and substitute teachers in the speediest and most effective way possible. Request a sub for the same day or schedule one day or weeks in advance. Locally available substitute teachers are immediately notified of the opening and within minutes, the position is filled.


If this app can achieve what it has set out to solve, this could be the end to all our staffing issues.

Preschool Site Supervisor / Pacifica