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Before you leave, register your details with inRatio. We will keep you posted as we complete development and you will receive a 20% discount for the first 12 substitute hire hours you use the platform. There’s no obligation to use inRatio when registering your interest.

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Why choose inRatio?

Qualified & vetted

Prior to certifying any teacher to work for inRatio, full background and credential checks are done. Ensuring that each of our teachers are compliant with local and state requirements is just good business.

Speed and Simplicity

With an easy and intuitive app interface, inRatio makes the search for substitute teachers quick and painless. Request, hire and approve hours in just a few clicks. Its that simple—just send your request and the app will notify you when your search is complete.

Easy Billing

All payments are handled right in our platform. We value transparency and timeliness and ensure both our schools and staff are satisfied.

Weekly timesheet approval and bill payment have never been simpler. Invoices and payments are automated using the credit card or ACH credentials you have on file.


Automation in our platform means that the hunt for a substitute is cut short and inRatio does the hard work for you. We deliver the most suitable substitute every time.


Get 20% off your first 12 hire hours by completing the registration form